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Driver to passenger Referral Program 

Last modified: 12.06.2023 

The Vertt Referral Program makes it easy for you to recommend the Vertt app to your friends or passengers and generate additional revenue. To benefit from this program, the following conditions must be met.  


For the referring person:  

  1. You have an active Driver account.   

  2. You have activated your personal referral code in the Vertt app. You can do this by clicking on "Refer and earn" in the menu. The code will be automatically activated and displayed to you.   

  3. You have shared your code either as a link, QR code or as a normal code with a person who has not yet registered with Vertt.   

  4. The referred person opens a Vertt account using your personal referral link, QR code or enters the code manually after the registration process.   

  5. The referred person must have successfully completed a ride within 90 days of registration. 

As soon as the above-mentioned conditions are met, your reward will be credited to your bank account with the next payment once per referred person. 


For the referred person:  

  1.  You have opened your Vertt account via referral link / QR code or you have entered the code manually in the menu under "Promotions" after registration.   

As soon as the above-mentioned conditions are met, your reward will be credited to you in the form of ride credits or a discount code and will be automatically used on your first ride. The credit can be viewed under "Promotions" and is valid for 90 days after registration.  

You can find out the reward conditions directly in the app under "Refer and earn".   

Vertt reserves the right to change the conditions for the referral program at any time or to stop the program. If the conditions are changed, they are valid with immediate effect or according to communication. Referrals made previously are subject to the terms at the time of referral. 

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